Joy Kruse

Artist / Designer / Owner

I love to play with fire, a trait of all metalsmiths… being a pyromanic. I love to mix fire, metal & stone which by accident or design makes me a jeweler. I am mostly self-taught  & really enjoy making the entire piece right down to every little component. I am by education & devotion an RN. For 16 years I worked as both a jeweler & an RN. After 20 years  in the nursing field I decided to finally give up that vocation. I miss being a nurse but I love being a full time jeweler more. I am married & have 2 children. My family was the start of my jewelry business. My husband & I decided I would stay home & raise our children, but I still worked as an RN on days he was able to stay home. In my spare time I began making jewelry. I had no idea where it would lead or that I had any skill or passion for what I now, love so much.  It’s been a wonderful journey of learning & creating. It’s been a pleasure to be home, be a mom, have a trade, & become skilled at a fine craft. Where does my inspiration come from? A question I get all the time, especially with my unique stone pieces. 1. It comes in lost thoughts (really random stuff at really random times *you have this too*, pay attention, & write it down) or times when I am doing something else & the idea just floats into my head… it’s a very organic process. 2. New creative designs are never good if the thoughts are forced. I have always kept a very disorganized journal of these thoughts. I go to it when I need it & when I don’t need it, the daily practice of writing down the thoughts you dismiss. It’s a messy tally of my brain but it works. Somehow that messy record of randomness flows out of my fingertips & into a sheet of silver or gold. (Tip to creativity~ Don’t watch TV. Try it for a month. It works. Your brain will finally settle in to doing its’ own thinking.) Other inspiration comes from surroundings I love: the outdoors, kids, birds, flowers, flowing water, dirt, rocks, trees, religion & religious symbols, everyday nature, history, biology, & science. ​Design is everywhere. 3. Don’t forget you, my customer…you have given me my best ideas. You have pushed me to do things I would’ve never done. You’ve given me important, special, meaningful projects that I’m honored to do for you. So, thank you for your belief in me. I couldn’t have, nor can I do it without you.

God Bless,  ~Joy Kruse

Life On The Prairie

I am stilling thinking about it… I love this ring. It makes me smile every time I see it. 3 carat diamond ring.

The very start of building Wild Prairie Silver Studio

The view outside of our studio

This is Taz – He is our supervisor

You are only passing through. Stop thinking. Start doing.

FAQ’s – Return Policy – Shipping


  1. What type of metal do you use?
    1. Everything we make is solid .925 sterling silver, or solid gold (18k, 22k, 24k) and only purchased from suppliers that make their metal in the USA. 
  2. What type of stones do you use? 
    1. We use almost all stones from custom cut cabochons to faceted gemstones, to diamonds, to moissanites. 
  3. What is a Moissanite?
    1. Click here!
  4. Do you do custom orders?
    1. Yes! We love custom orders, click here for more info.
    2. We will not copy another artists work.
  5. What gauge are all of your ear wires?
    1. All ear wires are 20 gauge unless stated otherwise in the listing.
  6. What form of payment do you take?
    1. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & American Express.
    2. We also use PayPal and square to process payments.
    3. Wisconsin state sales tax applies if you are a Wisconsin resident.
  7. Do you do repairs/sizing?
    1. If our jewelry arrives damaged or breaks within 7 days contact us immediately. 
    2. We size rings before they ship, if you need sizing in the future, there is a $50 sizing fee. 
    3. Repair inquiries are welcome but may not be fixable depending on the piece. 
  8. How do I care for my jewelry? 
    1. All of our pieces are heavy duty & made to wear every day & last a lifetime.
    2. It is natural for sterling silver to patina/oxidize over time as it is exposed to the air. There are several ways to keep your jewelry clean & shiny.
      1. Wear everyday, shower in it, wash it, etc. 
      2. When not wearing keep in a box or plastic bag  not exposed to the air.
    3. Jewelry can be worn in a pool, ocean, in shower, etc. 
    4. Avoid harsh chemicals or hot tubs. 
  9. Do you offer gift wrapping? 
    1. Yes! All jewelry comes gift wrapped with a hand written note 😊

Have another question? Contact us below! 

Return Policy

  1. If you are unsatisfied with a purchase from us please contact us within 3 days of delivery. Items must be shipped back within 7 days of delivery for a full refund. 
  2. Contact us immediately if your jewelry is damaged upon delivery.
  3. We don’t accept returns for:
    1. Custom/personalized orders
    2. Items on sale


  1. Domestic Shipping
    1. You will receive a tracking number to your email when shipped. 
    2. In-Stock Jewelry 
      1. Shipped within 2 business days Monday-Friday via UPS. 
    3. In-Stock Jewelry over $1,000
      1. Shipped within 2 business days. 
      2. Shipped via UPS overnight(1-2 day), insured, with a signature required upon delivery.
    4. Engagement Rings
      1. Shipped within 4-6 weeks depending on availability of materials.
      2. Shipped via UPS overnight (1-2 day), insured, with a signature required upon delivery.
    5. We are not responsible for orders lost in the mail or marked as delivered.
  2. International Shipping
    1. Overseas shipping is at your own risk! 
    2. We are not responsible for orders lost in the mail or marked as delivered.
    3. We are not responsible for packages stuck in customs or any import tax fees.
    4. You will receive a tracking number when shipped to your email.
    5. In-Stock Jewelry 
      1. Shipped within 2 business days.
      2. Your choice of  USPS (5-30 days) or DHL Express (3-5 days)
    6. In-Stock Jewelry over $1,000
      1. Shipped within 2 business days. 
      2. Shipped via DHL Express (3-5 day).
    7. Engagement Rings
      1. Shipped within 4-6 weeks depending on availability of materials.
      2. Shipped via DHL Express (3-5 day).

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FAQ’s – Shipping – Return Policy

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