Step 1

Email us Budget & Design Plan 
– Visit Gallery for ideas

Step 2

- Fill out/sign form
- Mail form with items

Step 3

- Receive items
- Final design & quote approval

- Send invoice

Step 4

- Full payment due prior to
start of project
- Project 4-6 weeks out once paid
- Project completed in 1-5 business days once started

Step 5

- Horray! Your Wild Prairie Piece is complete!
- Photo sent before shipping
- Shipped with a signature

Custom Order Policy

- Quotes valid for 30 days. After 30 days quotes are subject to change or deemed abandoned
- All custom orders must be paid in full before start of project.
- Custom orders are non refundable once started.
- Custom orders have a 4-6 week completion time pending full payment of project. Some exceptions apply.
- Almost all custom orders are accepted with excitement & joy!😊
- However, if your project has us switching from coffee to whiskey... we may break up with you 😊😊😊 ❤️

What is a Moissanite?

As much as we love diamonds, we LOVE moissanites!
They are not only less expensive, they are 100% ethically sourced made in the USA,
have more fire, and has the same durability as a diamond.

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